Kadirhan Hat in 2001 as a scarf, hat, gloves, we have started to manufacture accessories and promotional items, such as. With time and technology developing day by day and we constantly renew ourselves come to these days expanding our product range with your request. Our daily production capacity is between 4 and 5 thousand on average. Our goal is trying to clean ourselves with the unique features at a low price with high quality workmanship. Turkey, as well as the services we provide across Georgia, Russia, Romania, Poland, We export to countries like Azerbaijan. In 2011, our company by taking the step towards branding 'SUFFER A COLLECTION' trademark was registered.


Being old and high quality in the industry achieved its goal of being a company that is a little more confidently expand its product range every day, it continues on its way, combining modern design with the demands of the first line. colors and models that are used in our products are prepared according to your preferences. The latest trends and technological innovations in the world are preparing new collections blended with our own values. We aim to be followed does not follow.

Thank you for choosing us...

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